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Nothing quite like llama gazing in a Bolivian hotspring! #myartfulventure
Today, I took my trusty bike on a venture and found this. #myartfulventure.
Beautahful, indeed! Regram from @livemorecreative #artfulventure
My favorite mural in #sanfrancisco. Complete with flying books.
Fresh lookin fingers with our handmade rings inspired by nature // AV’s Miel Collection
Nothing quite like kayaking with a cold brew! Read @layzlyfe’s story in our blog, link in profile. #myartfulventure
One day….. #myartfulventure #futurehome
New clutches in the shop! Peruvian textile mixes with modern imagery to hold all your goodies for a night on the town. Alma Pura // Pure Soul
These new handmade silver and Peruvian turquoise rings are waiting to be stacked on your finger. Link in profile to buy!
The good life is quite a balancing act. #myartfulventure #salardeuyuni
Highlight of the weekend: frolicking through open fields in the rain. Elyse is wearing our Dulce Textile Belt. #myartfulventure
Grooving at sunset is a close second to dancing in the rain. #myartfulventure
Follow the trail.